Astonished by God

Sermon Questions:

“Forgiveness is amazing news, but it’s not the only news or even the best news.” What’s the best news that David discovers in verses 1-4?

How does David illustrate God’s might in verses 5-8? Discuss 1) The ordinary ways in which God channels his might to protect us every day, and 2) How God channels his might at the cross and resurrection of Jesus to protect us.

God is the Super Gardner of the world and our lives, the source of everything. Is it possible to regain an appreciation for this in an age when we don’t grow our own food and an excess of stuff blinds us to how much we actually have? Discuss the two spiritual practices suggested in the sermon.

David argues that God’s astonishing grace should lead to two ways of living. What are they (hint: look at verse 1)? Can you identify where you are currently responding to God like this and where you need to grow? Discuss and encourage each other.