The Authority of the Risen Lord

Discussion Questions

There is a saying that “seeing is believing.” The guards saw the empty tomb, so what blinded them from seeing that Jesus is Lord? The chief priests didn’t dispute the guards testimony, so why did they lie? What might be blinding us from seeing the authority of Jesus more clearly? 

What does it mean that Jesus received all authority? How does Satan’s temptation in Matthew 4 shed light on this? Discuss why we might fear authority and how Jesus receiving all authority is a comforting truth. 

What is a disciple? What are the main ways, according to Jesus, that we make disciples? How can we have a truncated view of faith if we don’t talk more about discipleship? 

Discuss the main resource that Jesus gives his disciples to fulfill the great commission (hint: it’s in verse 20). How is this good news for people who, like the disciples in v. 17, are still subject to doubt and fear?