Praying for Those Who Hurt Us

Discussion Questions:

Why was the accusation of Miriam and Aaron so serious? Review the context from Numbers 11 as well as Moses’ relationship to Miriam and Aaron. When have you experienced a painful accusation from someone close to you? 

Imagine Moses being asked to pray by Aaron for Miriam. Why would that be so difficult? What feelings and emotions do we have to put away to be able to pray for those who hurt us? What should that prayer look like? 

How do you understand Moses’ prayer in v. 13? Is it full of emotion or painfully brief? Why is it encouraging that Moses is probably not being presented here as someone totally unaffected by Miriam’s betrayal?

Reflect on the ministry of Jesus. Where are places that Jesus prayed for those who hurt and betrayed him? What does that tell you about who he is in heaven right now as our intercessor? If we are walking with Jesus, where can you reflect him in praying for those who have hurt you?