Five Resurrection Responses

Discussion questions:

If Easter doesn’t scare you, you don’t understand its implications. Why is this true? In what ways does the message of Jesus’ resurrection shake our understanding of how to live? 

Describe some of the ways Matthew emphasizes that Jesus’ resurrection was physical and bodily. Why does this matter? Is there something jarring about v. 9, “they took hold of his feet and worshipped him”? Compare with Acts 10:25-26 and discuss. 

How would Jesus’ message “go and tell my brothers” relieve the disciples of guilt and fear after all their failures? What does this teach us about Jesus in his resurrection? Apply this truth to a situation in your life right now. 

Of the five reactions/responses discussed in this sermon, which one can you relate to the most right now? Why? Of the five reactions, which one do you need to cultivate and develop more? What will you do this week to start living in light of the good news of the resurrection?