Love for Jesus Isn't Wasted or Forgotten

Discussion questions

  1. Jesus spoke about his impending crucifixion as something that would be done to him, so in one sense he was a passive victim. Is Jesus more than a passive participant on the cross? If so, discuss how, and reflect on what it reveals about his extravagant love for us.

  2. The disciples believed the woman was “wasting” the ointment on Jesus because she could’ve fed many hungry mouths and clothed many bodies if she were to sell it. Which part of discipleship were they over-emphasizing and which part were they missing? Which part of discipleship do you tend to over-emphasize at the expense of the other? 

  3. If any gift could be considered a “waste” it would be the infinitely worthy King giving his infinitely valuable life for a bunch of rebellious and unworthy sinners. Jesus doesn’t see it that way though. What should that tell us about how Jesus evaluates our love for him and whether or not it’s a waste? 

  4. Our love for Jesus, big and small, well-known and quiet, is his preferred form of advertisement for the Gospel and the Kingdom. Discuss how believing this might motivate us to greater love and service of Jesus.