Sheep and Goats

Discussion questions:

1. How is Jesus described in vv. 31-33? Compare with Zechariah 14:5 and Daniel 7:13. What does this “high christology” teach you about Jesus’ relationship to the Father? 

2. Review Jesus’ six mercy actions. As one person has pointed out, they are “not big miracles but little ministries.” In what ways can you honor the image of God in the people God brings across your path? 

3. Jesus describes merciful deeds done to others as being done to him. How can a passage like Proverbs 19:17 help us understand what he is saying? How is mercy an act or expression of faith? 

4. Jesus speaks of eternal life (v. 34) and eternal punishment (v. 41). For whom is each place prepared and why is that significant? Right now counts forever. Do you believe these moments really have eternal significance, and if so how will you respond in faith this week?