Jesus' Meal for the Needy

Discussion questions:

What does Jesus mean when he says “My time is at hand” in v. 18? What does Jesus want to do when his time is near? What encouragements can you draw from that? How should Jesus’ desire shape our desire?

The disciples are discouraged at the news of Jesus’ betrayal and ask, “Is it I, Lord?” What’s the relationship between assurance of faith and self-distrust? Why do you think Jesus creates an opportunity for self-examination prior to celebrating a meal with the disciples? 

Review verses 30-35 and consider the people who attended Jesus’ last supper. What does that tell you about who the supper is for and what the terms are for coming? How does this challenge the way you normally think about coming to the table?

Looks at the verbs Jesus uses when giving the supper to his disciples. The supper is like salvation: God’s work for us that we respond to in faith. How does it help to know that the supper is God’s commitment to us? How is our struggle to believe that connected to why God gave us this ritual to do over and over again?