Are You a User or Steward of God's Gifts?

Discussion questions:

1. We can be users and stewards of God’s gifts. What is the difference between the two? Discuss how Solomon fits into both categories in 1 Kings 1-10. 

2. Solomon learns the art of using his gifts to benefit himself and make himself great. What is it about our hearts that makes it so easy to use God’s gifts for ourselves? Discuss.

3. What we have and the way(s) we have been gifted are tools that God wants to use for his Kingdom. How might God be using 1 Kings 10 to stretch and grow you to be a more faithful steward? Discuss.

4. Jesus is the ultimate steward of God’s gifts. He refuses to use who he is and what he has for himself but channels it toward us in his incarnation, life, death, and resurrection. There are at least two reasons this is good news for us, who are prone to use God’s gifts for ourselves. Discuss.