Idols of the Heart

Sermon Questions:

1. Not all idolatry is bowing down to visible idols. Most idolatry takes place “under the hood” in our heart. Why is this an important distinction to remember when we are reflecting on the idols we worship?

2. Solomon did not wake up one morning and start building altars to foreign gods. There was a long history of clinging to idols (money, wealth, and sex) that got him to this point. Idols left unaddressed tend to snowball. How have you seen this ring true in life, whether it be yours or someone you know?

3. God battles for our hearts by intervening and helping us see the danger and futility of idols, which is what Solomon experienced when the kingdom was stripped from him. Can you identify any idols in your heart that God wants to battle in your heart?

4. Jesus refused to bow his heart to idols and kept his heart fixed on his Father. God responded by raising Jesus from the dead, showing the world that He truly is the only God who gives life, hope, significance, and security. How does this encourage you to lay down your idols and direct your worship toward God? Discuss.