The Danger of Overconfidence

Discussion questions:

1. God’s second visit to Solomon came at the height of his reign. What had Solomon forgotten since his first visit from the Lord? Are there signs of overconfidence in your own life that reflect moving away from an early period of trust and dependence?

2. God is going to bless the temple that Solomon built and dedicated, yet God says “as for you” walk in my ways. Discuss the difference between gifts and graces. Where are you possibly looking to spiritual gifts as evidences God is with you when you should be looking to spiritual graces?

3. God sets before Solomon a clear choice: obedience that leads to blessing or disobedience that leads to judgment. The theme of choosing faithfulness is significant in scripture. Name some places where today God is setting before you a choice between walking in his path or going your own way. 

4. Just as Jesus never grew past dependence on the father, we should always be growing into deeper trust and dependence. What are some ways you can cultivate a deeper spiritual life of dependence and trust?