Can You Trust Someone with All Authority?

Discussion questions

1. Authority is a word that creates an emotional reaction — either fear and distrust or safety and order? What is your response and why?

2. The risen Jesus has all authority — over all people, over their whole lives, for all time. His authority is real even in the face of evil, suffering, and death. How does that help you think about the world today and your own life?

3. Discuss the idea that Jesus the Son was “given” all authority by the Father. How does this make sense in terms of his relationship with the Father? What can we learn from this about our own relationship with the Father?

4. Jesus refused the devil’s offer, waiting for what would be given to him. Name some places where you need to live in the same kind of trust and responsiveness to God. What do you want to take that you should be waiting for God to give?

5. Jesus’ resurrection shows us the path of loyalty and obedience to God will not ultimately disappoint. How can we grow as people who walk in trust and loyalty waiting for our resurrection?