Who is King Jesus?

Discussion Questions

1. It is hard to read this passage and not walk away at least a little bit amazed at the richness and depth of the Bible. Jesus draws together several strands of biblical texts, themes, and traditions to paint a portrait of his Kingship so we can grasp who he is. Did Jesus help you see any connections between himself and the scriptures that you had never considered before? Discuss.

2. Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem shows that he understood the power of optics. He strategically shaped his entry so that we could grasp what kind of King he is: lowly and with a heart fixed on his people. Unlike rulers who use power and influence to take advantage of people, Jesus gives himself to his people. Is it easy or hard for you to believe that Jesus is that kind of King toward you personally? 

3. Matthew 21 conveys Jesus as the long-awaited fulfillment of so many of God’s promises to Israel: the Messianic King, the sacrificial lamb of God, the prophet whom Moses promised would come to lead Israel. What a testament to the faithfulness of God! If God is faithful in the “big picture” things then he is faithful in the “small picture” things that are our lives. Spend some time reflecting on some of the ways God has been faithful to you.

4. Jesus restored the temple to its right use, making it a place where people could commune with God and experience his grace rather than be taken advantage of. The chief priests and scribes were unhappy with Jesus because his Kingship was confronting them in uncomfortable ways. The King’s ministry is the same with us today—he confronts us because he loves us and wants to see his reign deepen in our lives. Discuss some places in your life where Jesus is pressing in and seeking your surrender.