Jesus-Style Greatness

  1. The Zebedee family wants Jesus to make them a notch above the other ten disciples. The other ten are ticked off when they find out because they want the best seats, too. MLK called this ubiquitous impulse for importance “the drum major instinct.” How have you seen this at work in your own heart?
  2. Jesus flips worldly greatness on its head. Greatness is not about climbing over others to reach the top but climbing down to love and serve others. Does Jesus challenge the way you have understood greatness? Discuss what this greatness might look like on the ground in our life together as a community. 
  3. We know that striving for Jesus-style greatness is going to be hard. Jesus makes sure to let us know that up front; it means drinking from his cup—downward mobility, humility, and a cross. We also know where it leads: glory in Jesus’ Kingdom. Why do we need to hold on to both of these (the struggle and the destination) when we set out to live an others-oriented life?
  4. Jesus frees us from having to grab after greatness by restoring us to God through his death. God looks on you with favor and approval—you are his beloved, and it is all because of his grace! As wonderful as that news is, it is so easy to forget or neglect, especially in the moments we are tempted to make ourselves great. What are some practices that can help us live in the freedom Jesus has given us?