The King's Wedding Feast

Recall what the invited guests chose to do instead of attending the king’s wedding feast (Matthew 22:5-6). Can you identify with the challenge to accept the invitation to feast with the King? What habits can we form now that will keep our hearts hungry for the feast?

Jesus illustrates the judgment of the king in verses 7 and 13, but not at the expense of illustrating the great grace of the king. What three aspects of God’s grace does the king portray? Have you had a reason(s) to revel in God’s grace recently? Discuss.

Accepting the invitation to the king’s feast is an important step, but we also have to show up to the feast in the right clothing. What are these clothes? How does Jesus’ point in this parable relate to the point he already made a few times in chapter 21?

Martin Luther is credited with saying, “We are saved by faith alone, but the faith that saves is never alone.” Does Jesus’ parable illustrate this? Discuss.