Big Questions

Discussion questions:

1. Jesus turns the political question of the Pharisees and the Herodians into a spiritual challenge. Are you giving too little or too much allegiance to Caesar right now? And more importantly where do you need to render to God what is his as someone stamped with his image?

2. “If the God of Abraham loses Abraham what does this say about God. Which is stronger, death or God?” Just like God identifies himself as Abraham’s God, he also declares himself to be your God. Which do you believe is stronger: death or God’s promises to you? How can you respond in faith to the fear of death we all have?

3. Jesus combines love of God and love of neighbor. Why do these two have to go together and what happens if we allow them to drift apart? How can you use these two great commands as a pair of bifocals or glasses for understanding all the other commands? 

4. Jesus puts a question to all of us: who am I? Jesus is more than just the Son of David. As the Son of God he can give certain and authoritative answers to our biggest questions. Which of these questions are you asking right now and where do you need to submit to the answers of your king?