Which Son Obeyed His Father?

Discussion questions:

Encounters with the authority of Jesus are like a spiritual thermometer. They reveal the temperature of our heart. Is there a place in your life where you are resistant to Jesus’ authority? How can knowing Jesus’ character help you grow in allegiance to your king?

The son who says yes to his father but doesn’t go calls us to take a hard look at ourselves. What are some of the ways you see this in your life? Are you tempted to doctrinalism (all that matters is believing the right thing) or emotionalism (all that matters is having my heart in the right place)? Where has the cost of discipleship led you to say yes while living no?

The son who says no to his father but goes is an encouragement to repentance. Are there situations where you think it is too late to do the father’s will? Do you see Jesus as longing for you to confess sin, admit need, and enter the father’s vineyard? Where can you repent and obey today?

While we should always be repenting, we should also be people who are striving to say yes to God in both word and action. Reflect on Jesus the obedient son and how he has said yes to God in word and deed for your salvation. Pray for more grace and power to reflect him in obedient service to God.