Jesus Hungers for Fruit

Discussion questions:

1. Why do you think God regularly uses the image of fruitfulness to describe what he wants in his people? Name some areas where you think Jesus hungers for more fruitfulness in your life. How does knowing that Jesus hungers for that fruit inspire you to pursue it?

2. Discuss the distinction between failing to bear fruit as we’d like vs. giving an impression of fruitfulness but not producing any. Where do you succumb to the temptation to look more “in leaf” than you really are? Knowing Jesus judges showy fruitlessness, how can you pursue fruit while living authentically and honestly?

3. Jesus makes a bold statement about prayer. How does the idea of praying “believingly” challenge some of the ways you pray? What “mountainous” thing is God calling you to pray for that would be fruitful for your life and his kingdom? Commit to praying believingly for that this week.