Are You Listening to God or to Yourself?

Discussion questions:

1. One reason we hear but don’t listen is because we already know what we want. Think about self-will in your own life. Where do you see it? Where might you be cloaking it in spiritual garb like Ahab? What would it look like to let God shape your desires?

2. It’s tempting to listen to people who tell us what we want to hear. What was God’s ultimate purpose for the hard word Micaiah spoke to Ahab? What does it say about Ahab that he knows Micaiah’s original “good” word is not the truth? 

3. In verses 19-21, God is warning Ahab that he's letting himself be deceived. Talk to any person who has stumbled into serious sin and they will tell you that God warned them on many occasions. Where is God warning you right now. In what areas are you susceptible to self-deception?

4. Jesus says his sheep listen to his voice and follow him. While sin makes us illogical (cf. Ahab's plan for going into battle), discipleship leads us into the truth. How have you seen this in your own life? Pray for ears to listen to and follow your Savior this week.