The Prophetic No

Discussion questions:

1. Ahab’s offer for Naboth’s vineyard seems reasonable on many levels. Why is it an example of inappropriate desire? What are some of the ways our inappropriate desires might seem reasonable to us and to the world around us? 

2. Inappropriate desire is found not only in Israel's worst king but in their best king. We should not be surprised that it is also found in us. Name some of the things we desire to which God says no. When God says no, how do you tend to react? How should you react?

3. Like Ahab and Jezebel, we often take what we want and think we are getting away with it. Read James 1:14-15. What is the end of inappropriate desire? How can we become people who learn to say no to covetousness?

4. Read Jesus’ parable in Matthew 21:33-46. How was Jesus treated in a way similar to Naboth? What happens when people try to silence Jesus the Word? Discuss some of the areas where you can grow in submission to Jesus, take up your cross, and follow him.