Surprising Restoration

Discussion questions:

1. God restores the fortunes of his people -- in return from exile, in resurrection, etc. Reflect on a time God has turned your sorrow into laughter and filled you with joy. Do you regularly think of God this way, as one who wants to deliver and delight his people?

2. The fact that God restored the fortunes of his people in the past doesn't mean the struggle is over. Past deliverance prepare us trust God in the midst of present crises. Is that your expectation? Where is God calling you to trust him right now? 

3. Reflect on the metaphor of sowing and reaping. How is this a picture of the Christian life? Read Galatians 6:7-9 and discuss the two kinds of sowing Paul describes. Why is one easy and the other wearying and difficult?

4. Connect Psalm 126 to the story of the prodigal son. How are they both stories of "restored fortunes" and surprising restorations? Place yourselves in these two stories and give thanks to the God who forgives, renews, and surprises.