God Wants a Relationship with Sinners

  1. King Ahaziah had no interest in the God of Israel, so from his deathbed, he reached out to the Philistine god Baal-zebub. Was God indifferent or jealous? What does God’s response tell us about his character and heart not only toward Ahaziah but us? Discuss.

  2. God wants to be sought by us because he wants a relationship with sinners. Unlike the typical romance story, in which two people create unnecessary confusion and pain because they refuse to just speak up about their feelings, God speaks and acts—he persistently pursues us. How does he do that for King Ahaziah through Elijah? In what ways is God persistently pursuing you right now? How are you responding?

  3. The third captain is the only person in the story (other than Elijah) who responds to God in a life-giving way; he stands as a model for the right response to God. What was his response, and how did it differ from King Ahaziah and the two captains burned to a crisp? What can we learn from his response?

  4. King Ahaziah refused to seek God and ended up dying, along with 102 other people, which can leave one thinking this story has no good news in it. But when you read the story between the lines, it’s not just about death but life. How so? 

  5. When we seek God we find that he has already sought us and made a relationship not only a possibility but a reality through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Is that good news to you? Does it compel you to seek Jesus more deeply? Discuss?