Will You Worship the God of Life?

1. You cannot worship God and idols—you have to choose. What were the two reasons given in the sermon for why this is the case? (Hint: one has to do with God and the other has to do with the human heart).

2. The prophets of Baal pulled out all the stops to get Baal to answer them but at the end of the day, they got nothing. Baal failed them just like our idols fail us. Can you identify any idols in your life that you are currently depending on? Would they fail you if you put it through a Mount Carmel test?

3. Elijah showed no mercy to the prophets of Baal when he has them all slaughtered. He put them to death so they wouldn't pose a threat to Israel’s worship anymore. What idols do you need to put to death? What would it look like to put that idol to death?

4. God renewed covenant with Israel on Mt Carmel after they had turned from him repeatedly. Jesus laid his life down as a sacrifice for rebellious sinners to reconcile them to God. God is supremely worthy of your worship because he keeps his heart aimed toward you and will not fail you. How have you experienced this in your own life? Discuss how returning to this truth daily can help you defeat your idols.