Serving the God of Life

Discussion questions:

Obadiah and Elijah reflect two different ways of serving God. How are they similar and different? Which do you identity with and why? 

Like Obadiah, we serve the God of life where we are. Think about where God has currently placed you in terms of work, family, church, etc. What opportunities and resources are at your disposal to serve him?

Serving the God of life is scary. God can call us out of humble service into places of greater risk and exposure. Where are some places in your own life where you need courage? How can we deep our trust in God? 

Ahab calls Elijah the troubler of Israel. Consider Ahab’s pattern of shutting his ears, spinning his wheels, and then blaming God’s servant. Can you think of a time when you have done this? How can knowing you have a king who is not a troublemaker but a trouble-taker change the way you respond in the future?