He Humbles the Proud

Discussion Questions:

1. One definition of pride is taking credit for God’s gifts. Where are some areas where you are committing “cosmic plaigarism”? What are some concrete ways that you can turn from boasting to thankfulness and praise?

2. No one likes to be humbled. It is a painful, stripping experience. Yet only the humble have experienced God’s power in a personal way. Are you afraid for God to humble you in some difficult way? Why is that? 

3. Pride makes us less human and more bestial. Discuss how you have seen this in your own life. How did lifting your eyes to God “restore your reason”? In other words, what did you learn about pride, about yourself, and about God? 

4. Jesus is the only king who can say the kingdom is from him, through him, and to him, yet Jesus humbled himself. People who follow Jesus should be actively humbling themselves rather than waiting for God to humble them. Where will you lower yourself and submit to God’s sovereignty and will over your life this week?