A Full Picture of Faith

Discussion Questions:

1. Many people think that faith is a confidence that God will work things out in a certain way. They have a faith in faith — faith will eventually bring a particular outcome. Where are some places in your own life where you might be falling into this trap?

2. We discussed four parts of faith: acknowledging God’s power, affirming God’s goodness, guarding God’s freedom, and obeying God regardless. Which of these four is your biggest struggle and why?

3. One person writes, “Biblical faith calls for each of us to acknowledge God’s provision as sufficient, loving, and good even if it falls short of or contradicts [our] immediate desires that cannot fully anticipate his plans or fathom his wisdom.” Discuss a situation where God is not ordering your life as you’d hope. How can you come to see God’s provision as sufficient, loving, and good even if it is not the outcome you want?

4. At the end of the day, faith says what matters is not deliverance but obedience. This is how faith becomes a form of testimony — it declares God is worthy of our service regardless of the cost. Discuss a situation where you are tempted to hedge your obedience to God. How would full obedience be a form of testimony and witness to others around you?