Will You Live by the Promises of God?

Discussion questions:

1. By declaring “I will be king!” Adonijah tried to take by force something that was God’s to give. Where are you tempted to declare yourself king and take what you want rather than wait on God’s timing and sovereign will to give what he wants?

2. What is the difference between the plotting of Adonijah and the activity of Nathan and Bathsheba? What are some ways you can distinguish selfish ambition from godly activity? 

3. There is a contrast in this passing between the son who plots and parties and the son who is the object of the promise. In what ways do we tend to believe that people of ambition are more real/powerful than God’s promises? Discuss what this story says about the fate of the proud vs. the humble. 

4. In what ways was Jesus’ life shaped by promise? How does that encourage you in what it means to follow him? Identify one area of your life that needs to be reshaped by God’s promises and pray for deeper trust this week.