Count It All Joy

Sermon Discussion:

1. We often look at our trials from the inside, zoomed up so close that all we can see is the struggle and how it’s affecting us. James encourages us to zoom out far enough to see that God is at work in the pieces, helping us grab hold of Jesus with both hands. Where in this season of life is God nudging you zoom out and see him at work?

2. Counting trials as joy does not mean you have to smile through the whole thing or force yourself to see every part as a joy. It means stepping back far enough to recognize that God is at work in the trial and in you, which creates a general attitude of joy in what he is doing. Why is it important that we make this distinction?

3. When we are unable to zoom out and see God at work in the messy parts of our lives and we ask him to help us, he generously meets our need. And he does it without frustration or annoyance! Discuss how easy or hard it is to accept that truth about God’s character.

4. God’s ability to use Jesus’ trials, cross, and death for Jesus’ good and our good is proof that God is capable of using any trial we face for our good. Discuss how you have witnessed this truth in your life and/or the lives of others. Are you in a season in which you need to hear this good news? Discuss.