The Power of the Tongue

Discussion questions:

James says that the power of the tongue is that it can steer or direct the rest of your body/life. What does he mean? Can you think of a time when speaking words of love or grace to someone who has hurt you actually changed your feelings toward that person?

Why is the tongue so dangerous? Think about a time you “set a fire” with your tongue that raged out of control. Which sin of the tongue — lying, boasting, gossiping, criticism, etc. — do you need to work on most?

What can tame the tongue? Read Acts 2:1-4. What is the significance of “tongues of fire” given what James has said about how our tongues are often like fire? Do you view the use of your tongue as a primary part of the redeemed life?

Verses 9-12 are meant to shock us. Where do you see this kind of inconsistency in your own life? James is concerned about how we live together in the community of faith. Where have you sinned with your tongue against a brother or sister and what will you do about it?