Faith and Favoritism are Incompatible

Discussion questions:

We don't think of partiality as a scandalous sin, but James does. What is partiality and why is it so contrary to faith in Christ?

Discuss a time when you've either treated someone poorly or been treated in a way that makes you feel like you don't belong. What is happening in the human heart that produces favoritism? Why do we treat some people better than others?

James says that partiality turns us into "judges with evil thoughts." How is partiality a form of playing God? What is so ironic about partiality in Christian worship?

God has chosen the poor to be rich in faith. Discuss why poverty and faith often go together. How is James influenced by Jesus' teaching on the poor (see Matthew 5/Luke 6)? How is James influenced by Jesus' work (hint: what did "the Lord of glory" (v. 1) do for us)?