Living Faith or Lifeless Words?

Discussion questions:

What is shocking about James illustration in vv. 15-16? Why will living faith move towards others in need? Think of an area of your life where good intentions need to give way to concrete actions. What are some things you can do to make that happen?

What assumption is James challenging in v. 18? In what ways can an emphasis on justification by faith alone or “being saved” become an excuse from doing good works? Is there an area of life where you are viewing good works as an optional add-on to faith?

James says that demons know the truth and also feel the truth. What is the missing element that always belongs to genuine faith? Are you in danger of seeing faith as theological construct that has no implications for your life?

Behind James’ letter stands both the teaching of Jesus and his own character and life. Where do you see that? Review passages like Matthew 7 and Matthew 13.