Moving from Oy to Joy

Discussion questions:

James calls us to consider our trials as pure joy. How is this different from “putting on a happy face” or feigning false piety? What is the difference between biblical joy and happiness?

James refers to “trials of various kinds.” Name some of the various trials that you have faced or are facing right now. What is the spiritual truth that James teaches that allows us to count or calculate them as all joy?

Trials do not automatically make us better people. What are some of the ways that we move away from rather than lean into God during trials? If you are in a trial right now, in what ways are you tempted to cut the trial short rather than let endurance do its full work? 

It is easy for us to see the cross as Jesus’ work. It is harder for us to see our trials as his work. Take one of your trials and meditate on how Jesus has not abandoned you but is drawing near to bring you to maturity and wholeness. How can you maintain this disposition during the week?