What Not to Do When You Sin

Sermon Questions

1. What kept Judas from carrying repentance all the way through to the end and experiencing the joy of Jesus’ grace? Have you had a similar experience before?

2. Instead of helping Judas with his sin, the priests send him away shame-filled and hopeless. Do you think it’s true that a community’s perception of Jesus’ grace is shaped by how people in that community respond to each other’s sins? Explain.

3. Repentance invites Jesus to enter our lives with grace to forgive and help us change course. Passing up repentance hardens us and leads us to do more damage to ourselves and others, and to sin in memorable ways. How is this truth at work in the actions of the priests?

4. Jesus spent his innocent blood to buy you back from death. He has grace to cover your shame. He has arms ready to receive you and work in you when you repent. What does it look like in your life to respond to that truth? Discuss.