Waiting for the World to End (Without Looking Crazy)

Discussion questions:

We often associate talking about the end of the world with weirdos and cult leaders. Why is the doctrine of the last things a practical doctrine that we need? How is the Christian life inherently future-oriented? 

Jesus gives three commands or attitudes for waiting for the end of the world: don’t be deceived, don’t be afraid, and don’t give up. Which one of these speaks to you the most? Why? How can you begin to put Jesus’ counsel into action?

Jesus refers to days that are “cut short for the sake of the elect.” God puts a limit on the trials that his people undergo. Have you experienced something like this? How is this a comfort to you right now?

In v. 4 Jesus says not to be deceived, but in v. 24 he says it’s not possible for the elect to be deceived. How do you understand this tension and dynamic? How does this relate to Jesus’ words in v. 13 that “the one who endures to the end will be saved”?