Are You Ready for the Groom?

1. The five wise bridesmaids were prepared to wait a while for the groom but the foolish five weren’t. Reflect on the two different approaches to discipleship with Jesus these illustrate. Which one do you gravitate toward?

2. By refusing to give the foolish five oil, were the wise five being selfish and punitive or loving the groom and bride? Explain. Also, discuss what this moment teaches about saving grace and its “non-transferability” from person to person. 

3. The main difference between the wise five and foolish five comes down to their relationship with the groom and bride. According to vs 12, what is that relationship and what does it entail?
4. The best way to prepare ourselves with enough oil for Jesus’ return isn’t to make checklists of things we need to do but to seek a vital relationship with him—to “know him” (vs 12). When you seek to know Jesus and be known by Him, you are storing away everything you need to welcome His coming (trust, love, repentance, hope, etc). Reflect on the encouragement that truth gives you.