Where is the Power of Life?

Discussion questions

The fallen walls of Jericho are a testimony. What do they proclaim? What message was Ahab proclaiming by rebuilding the walls? Ahab probably thought rebuilding the walls was a very practical thing to do. Discuss some of the practical ways we might silence the testimony that God’s power is found in human weakness. 

By declaring there will be no rain or dew Elijah is announcing a contest between the God of Israel and Baal over who has the power of life. Where is that contest happening today? What are some of the places you are tempted to look for life (security, prosperity, joy) rather than the Lord? 

God can cut off the things we trust in. He can also miraculously supply our needs. Yet there is no promise in this passage that we will never suffer. Reflect on the fact that obedience is not a means of getting something but of pleasing the Lord. Where is God calling you to move forward in obedient trust because he is the God who gives eternal life in Jesus Christ?