Like Father, Like Son

  1. Like us, Rehoboam and Abijam’s heart was not shaped in a vacuum but by the sins and shortcoming of their parents. How have you been shaped by your family tree? Discuss.
  2. What are some of the reasons we avoid reflecting on the sin patterns we have inherited from our parents? How does the Gospel free us to be vulnerable and invite Jesus into our pain and brokenness?
  3. God’s grace is strong enough to interrupt the cycle of generational sin and start new beginnings, which means we are not bound to repeat the same sins as our parents. Recall King Asa, who comes as a complete shock considering the life he was born into (Abijam for a father and a mother who was also his grandmother). Why is this comforting news to parents? Where might God want to break the cycle of generational sin in your own life? Discuss.
  4. The Gospel tells us about a Father and Son who have broken into the world to interrupt the cycle of sin and start a new beginning. By faith, we are adopted into a new family tree—brothers and sisters of Jesus and sons and daughters of the Father. And the Holy Spirit changes us so we can begin to actually reflect our Father. That's good news! Where is God challenging you to grow in your reflection of Him? Discuss.