And Then the Lion Kills You

Discussion questions:

1. God’s word is powerful. What are some of the ways we see that in this passage? When you are reading the word or hearing it at church, how can you cultivate a sense that you are having an encounter with the powerful God who stands behind his word?

2. God’s word is serious. Even faithful servants can come to a bad end when they start to disobey or dismiss God’s word. Name some of the ways we become too comfortable or dismissive of the word. How can we see clearly that sin offers a nice meal but leads to death?

3. God’s word is intrusive. Describe God’s patient and intrusive grace towards Jeroboam. This is amazing given Jeroboam’s sins. Where is God’s word intruding on your life right now, calling you to turn from sin back to God? Where do you see opportunities for change and renewal by submitting and obeying the word?

4. Jesus is the Word! It can be problematic if we hear “the word of God” and only think about the Bible. How is the Word in human flesh like the word we see in this passage: powerful, serious, and intrusive grace?