Solomon's Two Houses

Sermon Discussion

1. The temple is good news because it means God draws near and puts his saving presence in the midst of our brokenness and messiness. How is that good news for you this week or in this season of life?

2. Chapter 6 shows us that Solomon loves the Lord's house. Chapter 7 shows us that that love is surpassed by Solomon’s love for his own house. Our hearts are wired in the same way, so it is always a possibility that we can do a lot of good things for the Lord while still being more committed to ourselves and our own kingdom. Did this passage help you see your heart in a fresh way? Discuss.

3. Our lives do not take place in a vacuum, which means our disordered loves are not inconsequential. What we love most will affect our own lives (Solomon’s love for his own house eventually lead to his spiritual decay) and the lives of others around us (the people cannot worship in the temple yet because Solomon is building his own house before he furnishes the temple for worship). How have you seen this ring true in life?

4. God’s commitment to building a house where he can dwell with us is unwavering, even despite our disordered loves. Jesus not only builds a house made up of redeemed people through his death and resurrection; he dwells in his people by the Spirit to shape hearts that love his house and beat for his Kingdom. Why is that good news? Pray together and ask that Jesus would increase that work in your group and at Grace at large.