Will You Go Away Sorrowful?

Discussion Questions

1. Read Micah 6:6-8 and Matthew 19:16-17 together. God is not looking for one “good thing” but a life marked by faithfulness and obedience. In what ways do we fall into the same trap as Israel and the rich young ruler? What happens to our spiritual life when this happens?

2. Do we think of eternal life as a possession or a lifestyle? Again, what happens in our walk with God when eternal life is just something “in the future” rather than a way of life that starts now?

3. Jesus warns that if you have wealth your entrance the kingdom is harder. Do you believe him? Discuss some times you’ve experienced the power/danger of possessions and have found Jesus’ words to be true. What are some strategies for keeping wealth from becoming a disordered love in our lives?

4. Expect that God will test your commitment to him at the place where it is weakest. In addition to money/wealth, where are some other places that we can expect God to test our commitment to be Jesus’ disciples?

5. Surrender is the proper response and posture toward the one who surrendered his life on the cross to purchase eternal life. How can you learn to surrender daily to Jesus and his call to discipleship?