Immanuel is Good News for the Fearful

Sermon Questions

  1. What is the most frequently repeated command in the Bible? Discuss why that should bring us comfort.

  2. Isaiah is sent to preach good news to king Ahaz and the people of Judah whose heart shakes like the wind in the trees. Can you summarize the good news he preached? What will we need to remember that good news when fear causes us to shake like trees in the wind?

  3. God was willing to pull out all the stops and give Ahaz a sign of his presence and protection on top of the good news he already spoke through Isaiah. What was Ahaz’s response, and what does it reveal about his (un)willingness to trust the Lord? 

  4. Despite Ahaz’s refusal to ask for a sign, the Lord gives one anyway: Immanuel. If Ahaz won’t be a king who trusts the Lord and gives the people a taste of God’s presence, God will raise up another king who will. Who is that king in Isaiah? How does this communicate God's faithfulness to being with his people?

  5. Jesus is Immanuel the King par excellence. He trusted his Father’s presence and protection as he battled and conquered everything that has the potential to cause us fear. What is causing you to fear right now? Reflect about how Jesus addressed your fear in his life and death and what difference his presence with you now makes.