Lies, Lies, Lies

Here are four lies that are easy to believe when you are depressed and feeling condemned.

These come from Ed Welch’s book, Depression: Looking Up from the Stubborn Darkness:

Do you believe that some things you have done are too bad to be forgiven?

If so, you are believing Satan’s lie that the blood of Jesus can only handle little or unintentional sins. The truth is that, through the cross, the judgment for sin has been taken by Christ for those who believe, including yourself if you have claimed faith in Jesus.

Do you believe that it is impossible for the Holy God to love you and even delight in you?

If so, you are believing Satan’s lie that God loves you because of what you do. The truth is that he loves you because he is the God who loves, and the sacrifice of Jesus proves it. The cross of Christ expresses God’s delight in all who believe, and if you believe that Jesus is the risen Lord, he delights in and loves you.

Do you believe that you have no reason to live?

If so, you are believing Satan’s lie that you belong only to yourself. The truth is that you belong to God and you have a God-given purpose. Furthermore, the cross of Christ reveals that God’s purposes for your life are good.

Do you believe that these questions are unimportant?

If so, you are believing Satan’s lie that our relationship with God is unrelated to our struggle with depression. The truth is that your relationship with God is absolutely necessary, especially now. Your life depends on it.

The question when you are feeling depressed and condemned is: will you believe the lies or will you believe what God has said through the cross?